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Naver Dream
Wednesday, 10/08/2005
Use of an atomic bomb is absolutely useless.

I tell it about an atom bomb used in "Hiroshima and Nagasaki"

About a nuclear weapon,
I want to write a thought as a Japanese.

Because I did that Japan was bad, an atom bomb was dropped.
An atom bomb was used to reduce sacrifice of war to let war end early.

Therefore it was a hopeless act.
Will this two be the American public opinion?

I hear words of the people who encountered the damage with an atom bomb of "Hiroshima and Nagasaki"
and can think.

If use a nuclear weapon,
massacre a noncombatant in large quantities and still let the person who survived develop serious aftereffects.

I refuse the opinion
"use of nuclear weapons was unavoidable."

This opinion becomes the excuse
which permits use of nuclear weapons.

Therefore I am absolutely no use even if
use of nuclear weapon in the future has any kind of just cause to all of you!


I can want to say one more.

Japan fought against U.S.A.

Then, the United States and Japan became reconciled by concluding a peace treaty.

It will be common sense of modern society that say
if a settlement out of court was concluded unless I repeat the past problem.

Therefore, we the Japanese make demands for nothing about the past occurrence on the United States.

I am glad if I had you associate from American all of you, this peacefully

Thank you for having you read to the last

Posted by turnjpn at 2:22 PM KDT
Updated: Wednesday, 10/08/2005 2:27 PM KDT
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Tuesday, 09/08/2005
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi today called an early election

It was dissolved at last the Japanese Diet

The reason why Prime Minister Koizumi was dissolved in the Diet is because a bill about privatization of a postal business was rejected in the Diet.
I was dissolved so that Prime Minister Koizumi asked the nation the right or wrong of a bill.

I will try to watch it about the group where I cast an opposite vote with a Diet member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

When a postal business was their right, and a postal business was privatized, I objected because the existence base was threatened.

And it is a group harmonizing for China.

It is a group of relation to be opposed to Prime Minister Koizumi who is a friend of President American Bush.

When the Liberal Democratic Party was defeated by this election, Prime Minister Koizumi will withdraw.

Representative Okada of the Democratic Party holds the government afterwards.

The government harmonizing in China is born when I become it so, and it may be said that relation with U.S.A. becomes bad

I am sure to affect an American foreign policy.

I will pay attention to it by this Japanese election

Posted by turnjpn at 9:23 AM KDT
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Saturday, 06/08/2005
The forum with which Japanese people and Koreans talk

This time, it tells about the translation forum
which talks together between Japan and South Korea.

As for Japanese and Korean, grammar is alike.
From the reason, the rate of a success of translation is high comparatively.

In Japan,
There are two companies
which are managing the translation forum of Japanese and Korean.

Entrance of Japan      = enjoy korea
Entrance ofSouth Korea = enjoy japan

KT Hitel
Entrance of Japan      = go korea
Entrance ofSouth Korea = go japan

There is also a site which translates Japanese and Chinese and has a dialog.
Shanghai Queen
Entrance of Japan  =
Entrance of China  =

Since, as for Chinese and Japanese,
grammar is different, the rate of a success of translation is low.

Moreover, control of speech is severe.

The conversation about politics is deleted in many cases.


It is eased comparatively
and the dialog with South Koreans
has a reaction higher than a dialog with Chinese people.

They are China, South Korea,
and the country where all have high anti-japan sentiment.

Since both countries are distorting history,
the dispute with Japanese men occurs frequently in a forum.

I am enjoying conversation
with South Koreans to the site of NAVER.

However, with the subject of a history problem,
I may participate in the argument with South Koreans.


The reason the Chinese government
and the South Korean government are not completely reconciled
with Japan will be that it is sometimes politically convenient to make Japan into the villain.


Also about the difference in a history interpretation, it is due to tell gradually.



To the site of NAVER, I declared myself capricon1 and have participated in conversation.


if I am seen -- being very well -- ♪

Posted by turnjpn at 1:38 PM KDT
Updated: Saturday, 06/08/2005 1:42 PM KDT
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Friday, 05/08/2005
I start it from Japan !
On August 5, 2005 I start this blog from today.

I am scheduled to be going to contribute it with the following theme.

Recent news, with regard to Japan
Relation and event, with Korea and China
That I thought with the life of Japan

And, I joyful, if I was handed down something to you,

Keep company my best regards

Posted by turnjpn at 9:53 AM KDT
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